From release 0.3.0 I introduce bluetooth driver. Now Location API isn't only method to access GPS data. In case unavailability Location API bluetooth will be used to access GPS receiver. It's cause much more phones are supported. Every phone with Bluetooth API (JSR 85) and File Connection API (JSR 75) have chance to work :-). There are too many such phones, to list them here. If someone inform me so this software works on his/her phone I will put info here.

Before release 0.3.0

This software rely on Location API (JSR 179). It doesn't work on phones without support for this API. Midlet shoult work with any phone with Location API, however there isn't guarantee so everythink will work fine on every combination of phone and GPS receiver. For example information about satelites' signal and position is depend on implementation of Location API, its optional feature of implementation. Similar not every GPS receiver must support altitude or course. Symilary diference in display dimensions can cause problems.

Here is incomplete list of phones with support for Location API. Check technical specyfication of your phone.